Packed full of 7 different moisturisers (including Macadamia Nut Oil, Coconut Oil and vitamin E) – a classic for repairing any damages life may inflict.raunchy-rosie-hand-cream has always been a favourite amongst the Glamourflage range.

When Rosie gives you that look – you know you’re in for a treat. While most of us are hard-wired to hide our vulnerability, she revels in her own demons. It would be an understatement of criminal proportions to say Rosie embraces life: trying everything from private investigator to amateur surfing, resting only (on luxurious laurels) to momentarily whisper “If in doubt: pout” and dismiss all else as “details”.

So it’s easy to see why Natalie choose this product to review, in what is the second ever beauty blog forquirkygirllikesvintage

Here’s what she had to say:

“My favourite thing about this hand cream (raunchy-rosie-hand-cream)is that it isn’t too thick. Many hand creams tend to be very thick (like body butter) and don’t soak into skin very easily. raunchy-rosie-hand-cream is more like a lotion and soaks in quickly. So, when I wash my hands my hand cream doesn’t go down the drain with the soap suds, because it has already been absorbed by my skin. Another great thing about the thickness (or lack thereof) with this hand cream is that you don’t need to use as much hand cream as you normally would; you only need a small amount to moisturise your hands well.


I also, really like the Freesia scent. I normally don’t like my beauty/body products to be scented because the fragrance can over-power my perfume. I really liked the Freesia scent though, because it was a nice and fresh fragrance, compared to the boring unscented hand cream I usually use. The scent wa117s also quite mild, I could only faintly smell it when applying the product.”


Overall, I think Glamourflage has won me over with this hand cream. The Freesia scent is really nice and the cream is very efficient.
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