Proud to be part of this exhibition and collaborated with our amazing staff devoted to their work!

More than 10000 visitors came to this exhibition and won at least more than $250000 gifts from more than 70 the exhibitors.


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On August 28, exhibition sent 15000 gifts, valued more than $25000. During the lucky draw event on Wechat, nearly more than 5000RMB are sent as red pocket.

Exhibition at a glance

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Blossoms BH Wholesale, exhibiting more than 20 brands and more than 100 products, ranging from milk powder, skincare, healthy food, and honey.


Manuka Health

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Glamourflage & HOLA  


Royal Nectar


Nestle NAN

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Bio Island


Linden Leaves

AECA consists of e-commerce pioneers and leading companies from Australia. We share common mission and aspiration which is to serve as a bridge for Australia-China e-commerce. In this way, a large number of Australian companies can obtain a better idea of e-commerce targeted Chinese market while the e-commerce businessmen from China can achieve win-win cooperation. We can work jointly to explore the future of Australia-China e-commerce and make it a new growth of our bilateral trade, further promoting the trading partnership between our tow countries.