AU Makeup Beauty Blender Collection Flawless Sponge Applicator - 3 Pcs

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Designed with unique AU-foaming technology and imported USA raw materials, this revolutionary makeup blender is made with the highest quality, providing flawless results with the softest touch. Its long-lasting materials and maximum absorption are the perfect fit for all skin types, specially sensitive skin. This blender is designed to keep its original shape, without keeping odours or disintegrate.


Ideal for liquids, cream or powder.


Damp the sponge, squeeze excess water and dab with makeup. Press gently, contouring the surface of the skin, blending makeup evenly.


Dab with makeup and apply gently on the skin for full coverage.

Use pointed tip for hard-to-reach areas.

Use the round area to blend and cover imperfections.

Use the flat sides for blending foundations.


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