EZZ L-Lysine Growth Capsule 60 caps

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EZZ L-Lysine Growth Capsule is premium formula blended with essential amino acid-lysine, which helps support healthy growth and development for children and adolescents.

The product contains lysine, calcium, vitamin D3, zinc, Magnesium and other ingredients which supports bone health, muscle function, immune system health and cognitive developments

  • support healthy growth and development
  • maintain/support bone /teeth health
  • support calcium absorption
  • support muscle function & aid muscle growth
  • support cognitive function
  • support protein synthesis and energy production
  • support immune system health

How to Use:

Children 3-8 years take 1 capsule daily, 9-13 years take 2 capsules daily; adolescents 14-24 years and adults take capsules daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional

recommended usage: 

Open the capsule and put the powder in water or milk for use, please take it with meal.

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