Freezeframe Tummy Tuck 100ml

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Freezeframe's Tummy Tuck is a topical cream that has been clinically proven to activate thermogenesis, and mimic the muscle toning effect of exercise.

  • Studies showed Tummy Tuck flattened bellies better than excercise!
  • An incredible new marine peptide derived from a rare deep sea sponge, has been clinically proven to make your skin appear tighter and your muscles appear more toned.
  • First ever body cream which has been clinically shown to self heat. You can actually feel your skin heat up with this incredible cream.
  • Apply daily, morning and evening in a circular, upwards motion. Tummy Tuck absorbs quickly, but it is always best to wait one or two minutes before getting dressed.
  • For best results, apply directly after shower or bath.

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