Lellure Illumination Body Spray 120ml - Blossom

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Lellure Illumination Body Spray Blossom is a mixture of fancy and gorgeous. It rapidly moisturises the skin, coating it in a bejewelled finish with a high-grade aroma that lasts. It’s formulated with Whitening Complex, Licorice Root Extract and Kakadu Plum extract, with mica particles suspended in the bottle. It provides brightening and helps to even skin tone.

  • Aqueous Texture
  • Shimmering & Fragrant
  • Brightening and evening skin tone
  • Formulated with Whitening Complex, Licorice Root Extract and Kakadu Plum Extract
  • Whitening, resisting external damage, maintaining stability
  • Block melanin, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, whitening and brightening
  • Suitable for all skin types



Top Notes: Mandarin + Calabrian Bergamot

Heart Notes: Noble Iris + Cardamom

Base Notes: Patchouli + Amber



Shake well before apply. Apply body spray 10cm from the body, gently massage for better absorption. Recommended for whole body use.

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